Energy efficiency

One may think that conservation and energy efficiency are one in the same; at Great River Energy we see them as separate and unique strategies that end up with the same result – a reduction in your electric usage and a reduction in your electric bill.

Energy efficiency is using a technology to reduce your energy consumption and save you money. Energy efficiency doesn’t require you to do with less, make slight concessions, or change your life style in some way, but if you do you’ll even save more on your energy bill!

Examples of energy efficiency include:

-Installing CFLs
-Installing, programming and using a programmable thermostat
-Purchasing EnergyStar appliances
-Applying energy efficient technologies in your home or business doesn’t have to crimp your lifestyle, but it will help to reduce your energy bills

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Get help from your electric cooperative

Our member cooperatives offer a wide assortment of rebates and incentives to help you be more energy efficient. Contact your co-op to see how they can help you reduce costs by saving electricity.